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Treatment protocol for burn victims

Just in case you were wondering how burn victims need to be treated, we’re offering you a glimpse into the official therapeutic protocol for this type of injury:


  1. Evaluating the respiratory ways, when the patient has burns of the face/neck. Generally speaking, intubation is only needed for patients that are unconscious or hypoxic, who have inhaled a lot of smoke or who have face and neck burns. All patients with severe burns should receive additional oxygen for 24 hours.


  1. Evaluating the circulatory system – stopping any external bleedings and identifying potential sources for internal bleeding.


  1. Removing all heat sources and cooling the wounds that have occurred within the past 3 hours, then covering the patient with a sheet in order to prevent hypothermia.


  1. Estimating the burn percentage out of the total surface of the body.


  1. Evaluating the excretion, by monitoring the urine flow (if the urine turns reddish or purple, it can be a sign of renal failure).


  1. Inserting a nasogastric tube for any patient with burns on more than 30% of his/her body surface or any patient who is unconscious, in shock or has burns on more than 20% of his/her body surface, if being prepared for transport.


  1. Making decompression incisions, if and when they are necessary.


  1. Administering the appropriate medication.


  1. Dressing the wounds.


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