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The best solution for diagnosing breast cancers and when to do a breast reconstruction

Out of the 800 breast prostheses that the Ministry of Health announced it was offering last year for women who had had breast cancer surgery, only a small part have been used.


One of the hospitals with the most breast interventions performed is the Bucharest Oncological Institute (IOB – Institul Oncologic din Bucuresti), and oncological surgeon Alexandru Blidaru was responsible for some of them. “The 80 procedures we performed at IOB surpass everything that has been done in the country when it comes to free prostheses. Breast cancer surgery has changed radically. We can now preserve the breast and even make it look better. However, sometimes, a mastectomy is in order, and our priority is to treat the disease correctly”, said Dr. Alexandru Blidaru, head of Surgery at IOB.

How Angelina Jolie is helping the doctors

The doctor also mentioned that genetic testing for women with the BRCA 1 and 2 positive genes (who have a high risk of getting breast cancer) is not yet reimbursed by the state. “In Romania, we have the possibility of performing complete examinations, but keep in mind that most cancers aren’t genetic; they just appear as women get older. Early regular examinations are the best solution”, the oncological surgeon said within a press conference. It seems that Angelina Jolie is helping out a lot, not just in the USA, but here as well. “A geneticist in the US was telling me that he has been talking about the genes involved in breast cancer (BRCA) for 20 years. Once Angelina Jolie got involved, everyone became aware of them”, the doctor said. Complex tests to find these genes can be done in our country as well, but only if paid for by the patients themselves.

Online scheduling at the IOB

Dan Straja, Manager of the Bucharest Oncological Institute, announced that the patients will be able to get scheduled online, using a new system that will most likely be launched in May, in order to avoid queuing in front of the doctors’ offices.

“We want to create an electronic scheduling system for the out-patient consults, for which we have 20 doctors’ offices”, the manager stated, adding that the IOB could have a system that releases tickets.

According to IOB manager Dan Straja, last year, they renovated two surgery blocks with 3 operation rooms each, as well as block no. 3, with two renovated O.R.s.

Another objective of the IOB for this year is to continue the rehabilitation program of certain areas, including the departments of radiotherapy, radio-isotopic therapy, the oxygen supply, compressed air supply and energy supply, as well as to continue hiring doctors for various specialties (oncology, ORL, anesthesia and intensive care, cardiology, radiotherapy), nurses and other medical staff, along with researchers.

Geta Roman Neacsu

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