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How to obtain funds for getting treatment abroad using the S2 (E112) form, for medical services reimbursed by the National Health Insurance Fund (according to Framework agreement No. 324 of 2008)


In order for a person to be sent abroad for treatment using the E112 form, two cumulative conditions must be met:
– the treatment must consist of one of the medical services included in the basic service package offered to insured parties in the Romanian social health insurance system
– the treatment must not be available in the timeframe usually needed to obtain said treatment in Romania, considering the applicant’s current health state and the probable evolution of the disease.

If these two conditions are met, the health insurance fund CANNOT REFUSE RELEASING THIS FORM.


The process:

1. The person requesting the E112 form will submit a written application to the Health Insurance Fund where he/she is insured. The application will be accompanied by the following documents:

a) a copy of their identification papers or their birth certificate, as needed;

b) their medical file, containing a medical recommendation for undergoing the treatment, as well as other medical documents. These must show that the medical service requested is part of the basic service package offered to insured parties in the public heath system. They must also state that said treatment cannot be provided in an appropriate timespan in any Romanian healthcare facility, taking into account the current health state of the applicant and the probable evolution of the disease. One must also explicitly state and argue why this service cannot be provided in an appropriate timespan in a Romanian medical facility. The medical file must be drawn up by a physician or a healthcare facility that is under contract with a Romanian health insurance fund.


c) a written confirmation from the medical facility situated in the EU/EEA member state where the medical service is to take place, regarding its availability to provide that particular medical service in the period requested by the applicant.

2. the application is registered at the health insurance fund registry.

3. after the application has been registered, the institution will analyze it and check:
a) the applicant’s insurance status
b) his/her medical file
c) if all conditions are met, the S2 (E112) form is released

The S2 (E112) form is released before the beneficiary leaves for treatment. It can also be released after the beneficiary has left, if, for plausible reasons, its release was not possible before and if the medical bill has not been paid. In this case, the insurance fund draws up a document arguing and justifying the reasons. This document will constitute the basis for releasing the S2 (E112) form.

Expenses based on the S2 (E112) form are reimbursed between institutions only based on invoices.