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Numbers mean life

Detaliile proiectului

Volunteers Campaign carried out by the Salveaza Vieti association.

Infections are the leading cause of death within cancer treatment centers, thus the investment in building sterile rooms, which allow special isolation of patients, was considered vital.

In most centers around the country, prevention and treatment of infections is done in rooms with 10 patients, who share toilets. Cancer patients who are treated with chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery have an increased risk of developing infections.

Through the “Numbers mean life” campaign in December 2011, we managed to collect 800,000 euros, money that we invested in the construction of 10 sterile rooms within the Fundeni Institute and 5 within Bucharest Emergency University Hospital.

We managed to expand the capacity of the Bone Marrow Transplantation Center from the Fundeni Institute by building and equipping four sterile rooms for adults. In seven other existing rooms we revamped the air purification installation. We developed a new compartment for children with transplant by building 6 sterile rooms. All the ten new rooms were equipped with intensive care beds, furniture, vital signs monitors, and communication station. The terrace of the Transplant Center was also isolated for waterproofing.
The transplant wards were put into use in January 2013.

The 5 sterile rooms from the Bucharest Emergency University Hospital will be put into use as soon as the rooftop will be rebuilt, the gas installation will be installed and the pre-transplantation ward will be built.

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