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Life Begins Today

Data lansarii:
March 01, 2013
Romania holds the first place when it comes to infant mortality
EUR 10,000
Fitting 2 birthing rooms in the St. Pantelimon Emergency Clinical Hospital of Bucharest
Detaliile proiectului

The “Life Begins Today” project started in March 2013, and took place in partnership with Horia Brenciu, a Romanian singer, actor, entertainer and philanthropist. Together, we managed to raise a total amount of 10,000 Euro that helped with the fitting of two birthing rooms in the St. Pantelimon Emergency Clinical Hospital of Bucharest. The communication campaign took place in March and April 2013. Throughout the singer’s tour, the people in the audience were announced the objectives of the campaign and had the chance to make donations via text message.

In March 2014, the project was implemented, after having collected the sums gathered via text message from the mobile network companies. Two electric gynecological tables were purchased for birthing assistance, as well as two chairs for the doctors and a steel table for the medical instruments.

It is a well-known fact that the health state of a country’s population is defined even since birth. Unfortunately, Romania holds the first place where infant mortality is concerned. The fitting of the birthing section of Pantelimon maternity ward is all the more important, as another list with our country at the very top regards the number of women who die during childbirth: every year, in Romania, over 28 women die while giving birth. The gynecological tables purchased are intended for natural birth, a sector where Romania is at the bottom of the list. While the World Health Organization recommends a caesarian frequency of 10%, in Romania, in the year 2012, 41.2% of all births were by C-section.



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