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Happiness Stock Exchange

Data lansarii:
November 28, 2013
EUR 1,000,000
We’re modernizing and equipping the oncology and surgery departments of 3 state-run hospitals
The platform will help make more transparent the investments that over 3000 shareholders, both companies and individuals, make in our projects
Detaliile proiectului

The Happiness Stock Exchange is the online platform of the Daruieste Viata Association (Give Life) for fund raising, which is showing a clear picture of companies or public persons investments in our projects for equipping and modernization of cancer centers in Romania. Our web page was launched on November 28th 2013, and at the event that took place at Banca Nationala were invited all major Romanian investors. Our first goal is to raise 5 million euro.

Our platform provides:

– Total transparency of how the money raised is invested;

– Traceability of the money invested – donors can see exactly where the money are invested and the benefits that the patients get, donors can measure their profit of the money invested each year in lives saved;

– Happiness of the person who gets involved and of those benefitting of it – because you become happier when you give and you know that your money will help another, you become happier and more aware that what you do can directly contribute to the happiness of others;

It is the first time when an investor in healthcare has the opportunity to see exactly where he invested his money, and the stages to completion of a project.

In the first two months from the opening of The Happiness Stock Exchange, more than 3,000 individuals and companies have decided to “invest in happiness.” Together they have acquired over 480 000 shares. Thus we managed to raise over one million euros. The money will be used to modernize and equip the departments of oncology and surgery in three hospitals: Marie Curie, Elias and University Hospital

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