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Give the Gift of Life

Data lansarii:
April 01, 2011
Detaliile proiectului

Give the Gift of Life

Through the Give the Gift of Life campaign (whose title also gave the name of our association), we created a project to modernize the Neonatology Department of the Polizu Maternity.

Therefore, between the months of April and June of 2011, we raised EUR 317,000, which we then invested in equipping the Neonatology Department of Polizu Maternity with 9 incubators (one of them for transport), 5 neonatal phototherapy lamps, 7 pulse oximetry monitors, 7 air-oxygen blenders, 100 cerebral and somatic oximetry sensors, a system for the monitoring and administering of nitric oxide, 5 vital function monitors, a state of the art ultrasound machine, 3 heated beds and 2 cutaneous bilirubinometers.

This project’s purpose was to lower the death rate of babies that are so small you can hold them in the palm of your hand. Premature babies that weigh only several hundred grams can suffer from a series of conditions that need to be caught in time, so that they can be treated. They can spend up to 3 months in the neonatology ward, until they reach an age where they can be thought of as full-term babies.

The Neonatology department of the Polizu Maternity in Bucharest is among the most appreciated 150 clinics in the world. It can receive as much as 3.000 premature babies (the worst cases), but, before these acquisitions, only half of them could be treated in a timely manner.

The campaign was done by ProTV, and the project was implemented by the founding members of the organization, acting as volunteers of the Save Lives association.

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