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The Gift of Life

Data lansarii:
December 01, 2012
In Romania, one out of 2 children with cancer dies
EUR 400,000
A radiotherapy machine to ensure free treatment for children
Detaliile proiectului

In Romania, one out of two children with cancer dies. The causes of the health system’s failure to save its children are many, from late and often wrong diagnoses up to the sometimes incomplete chemotherapeutic treatment. We are facing a total lack of specialized radiotherapeutic treatment possibilities for children who need to be anesthetized during radiotherapy sessions.

In every other country of the European Union, this is an ordinary procedure. Together, we can make Romania a place where children with cancer will be able to get radiotherapeutic treatment.

Without any national registries of cancer patients, the estimations say that, at present, over 100,000 people are diagnosed and 3,000 more new cases surface every year. 70% of patients need radiotherapy throughout their treatment. Because the machines are few and old, children can NOT undergo radiotherapy, while adults are put on long waiting lists, even though every second counts when treating cancer.

Through this project, the Give the Gift of Life Association has set out to purchase a radiotherapy machine that will ensure free treatment for children of all ages, whatever the necessary procedure may be.

The campaign started in December 2012 and ended in October 2013, with three stages of communication:

– redirecting 20% of the profit tax: December 2012

– redirecting 2% of the income tax: February – May 2013

– investments in the Good Exchange platform (Bursa Binelui): June – October 2013

The total sum donated by companies and other good people is of 400,000 Euro and will be invested, along with the Onco Help Timisoara Association, in the purchase of a radiotherapy machine that ensures quality treatment for adults as well as small children (for which radiotherapy requires special conditions).

Results expected after the implementing of the project: ensuring radiotherapeutic treatment for children in Romania and increasing the healing rate of cancer patients.



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