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Don’t Ignore Me

Data lansarii:
December 01, 2010
Detaliile proiectului

Don’t Ignore Me was a campaign unique through its ambitious objective of raising EUR 1 million in 4 months.

The campaign planned to attract the attention of the business environment, by promoting the fiscal facility of redirecting 20% of profit tax, one that has been included in the Fiscal Code ever since 2004.

Our purpose was to create the first Center of excellence for treating leukemia and other types of cancer in Romania. We built a molecular cytogenetics laboratory, needed for the deep diagnosis of cancer in both children and adults, 3 sterile rooms, needed for stem cell transplants, a stem cell bank for harvesting and storage purposes and a European-standard intensive care unit in the Marrow Transplant Clinic of the Louis Turcanu Children’s Emergency Clinical Hospital of Timisoara.

With the help of the Pro TV News, between December 2010 and May 2011, we managed to raise EUR 1.130.000.

The Center of excellence was opened in November 2012.
Every year, 120 patients are treated in the 4 sterile rooms.
As a result, 50 stem cell transplants were performed in 2013.

The Don’t Ignore Me campaign also obtained the following prizes:
The Grand Prize and the 1st prize in the Health section of the “Oameni pentru Oameni” Gala
The Grand Prize and the 1st prize in the Health section of the Civil Society Gala
The Gold Effie in the Health section of the Effie Gala
The Golden Award for Excellence in the Social Responsibility section of the Romanian PR Award Gala

The campaign was conducted by the founding members of the Saving Lives association, working as volunteers.

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