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Alina makes the impossible possible: she saves scoliosis patients who have only few chances in Romania

Patients with severe spinal issues, for whom Romanian doctors don’t have any solutions, can now be operated in Germany, using money from the state and with spectacular results, thanks to one big-hearted woman. This isn’t the first time we’ve told you about Alina Vasea, the “Give Life” volunteer. Apart from counseling cancer patients (together with us, but also through her own association in Constanta, called “Daruieste Aripi”), her “specialty” is helping people with scoliosis. We’re talking about extremely severe cases, patients to whom Romanian doctors have given almost no chance of a normal life or for whom the solutions suggested only help in a very small way. Alina has counseled (and even accompanied, on her own expense) dozens of patients, who then went on to undergo surgery using the E112 – S2 form in Germany, in a clinic where the results are amazing.


You can help even if you’re living on minimum wage!

We asked her to tell us how she first got involved in this issue and especially how she got to know professor Halm, the doctor who has such good results operating these patients. A talk she had with Madalina, one of her cousins, in 2011 was the thing that sparked this whole project.
“- I’d like to help someone with a severe spine issue… Her entire family is in shambles! What can I do? Maybe she could get surgery abroad.
– Mada, you’re living on minimum wage, how do you plan to help?
– You find the medical solution and I’ll find the money to get her there!”, her cousin said.


A doctor that operates with his heart, not just his hands

I then said to myself: if this is the hard part, it’s not even that hard! I love people who want to help regardless of unimportant things like the lack of money. If my cousin who’s living on minimum wage believes in this miracle so bad, how can I not? How can I not do everything I can to find the miracle solution?”, Alina recalls.

She then started doing research to find a doctor abroad that could offer his support. She got to a German physician called Henry Halm. “This is it. This is what we’re looking for. I wanted him to be one of us, a doctor that operates with his heart, not just his hands! I took the patient to his clinic, in Germany. He was probably impressed by my being a volunteer in this case, because, when I left the clinic, he told me: «If you have other similar situations, don’t hesitate to direct any scoliosis patients here!». That was all I needed: I found loads of children who I helped to get surgery there. Denisa, Timeea, Liliana, Raluca, Daniel, Larisa, Monica, Alina, Andreea, Mihai are just some of them. All the surgeries were reimbursed using the E112 form”, Alina Vasea also said.


Alina also got two girls in the foster system, who were being raised by foster parents, to go to the clinic.

Here are the results of the surgery performed on one of them:



The way the patients look before and after the surgery is why she keeps doing this work. “It never ceases to amaze me how much their condition improves after surgery. I once asked Professor Halm why he had chosen this specialty. He told me he loved it because the improvements are easily visible right after the surgery. This motivates him a lot. Every time he tells me how an operation went, he’s completely fascinated by it. He talks a lot, he goes into medical details that I don’t understand, he’s happy to explain how an earthly procedure can bring such remarkable results”.

Operated twice at the age of 34

Ana Maria Dedu is one of his latest patients, who recently came back after having had surgery in Germany. “I loved helping her get to Prof. Halm for surgery. Ana had been diagnosed with right-side thoracolumbar scoliosis when she was 12. After countless treatments and attempts to find a solution, she contacted Give Life and quickly got in touch with me. In Romania, she had been told that the chances for a procedure to succeed were minimal”, Alina adds.





Ana was admitted to the German clinic for 5 weeks, as she needed two procedures. Her curvature was very advanced, around 121 degrees, and she was quite old for this kind of surgery.
“Patients with scoliosis can contact the SCHON KLINIK of NEUSTAD IN HOLSTEIN, and the surgery can be done using the E112-S2 form. If they need any support, I’d be more than happy to help with all the information they need!”, is Alina’s advice for all the patients who need help with similar problems.

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