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Alina, acute lymphoblastic leukemia (5)

We promised we’d keep you updated on the state of Alina, the 25-year-old admitted into Fundeni with leukemia. On Saturday, she sent us the following e-mail, and, with her approval, we’re sharing it with you:

“It’s been another two months of treatment, divided between the hospital and my home. It sounds really sad, but it’s not. Even though when I’m in the hospital I don’t get out of my room at all, I compensate by taking daily walks when my immunity is better. A patient needs these kinds of moments too, no doubt.

It’s all about finding balance and choosing the right moment for everything. I’ve been staying away from crowded places, people with the flu, germs, the cold, the sun, stress, I’ve been resting, eating well, hydrating, basically taking care of myself. Any complication caused by breaking these rules can affect my treatment and that is something I’ve understood right from the start.

Nevertheless, there are adverse reactions from the medication, but we shouldn’t be scared by the fatigue, nausea, pain or hair falling out. It’s all temporary!

Eight months from my first day of treatment, I can honestly say that I’m feeling well and I’m thinking of the future with hope and faith.

All the best to everyone!
Love, Alina”

Photo: Fundeni Clinical Institute, view from the ward – “Same place, same hospital, an ever-changing scenery”, Alina wrote.

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