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The people who refuse the electronic health card can replace it with a special receipt

After May 1st 2015, the national health card will become the only instrument for reimbursing and validating medical services. This decision is implemented eight years later than initially decided.

So far, about 13.5 million insured parties have received their health cards, and about 4.5 million cards have been activated. The more than 500,000 insured people who haven’t received their cards can go to their local Health Insurance House office or to their GP to get them.


The people who refuse the electronic options will receive medical care just like they did so far, based on receipts that prove their quality as insured parties. However, these are only valid for 3 months. ”People who do not wish to use the health card, for religious or ethical reasons, may use a substitute receipt that will be issued on demand by the local Health Insurance House. This document needs to be renewed every 3 months”, say the representatives of the National Health Insurance House.

The cards that have been refused will stay at the local HIH offices, so that they can be given to the beneficiaries who want to reconsider their decisions.
Those who have not received their health cards by May 1st 2015 will also receive healthcare services based on the insurance receipt issued by the local HIH office.

According to the officials, the national health card is an instrument meant to make the healthcare system more efficient and more transparent, allowing for a better control of the funds therein.


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